Diatomaceous Earth

Types of Diatomaceous Earth Supplements

There are many types of Diatomaceous Earth products and supplements containing silica now on the market. Each producer touting their supplement as the best, most effective way to utilize the silica represented. Our bodies desperately need silica to properly absorb nutrients and minerals, to flush out toxins from our systems and regulate our digestive tract. The body does not store excess silica; it needs a fresh supply every day. As the body ages it begins to lose the ability to properly absorb silica, making silica supplementation critical.

Our bodies are not equipped to assimilate Diatomaceous Earth in just any form. Only organic silica is used by the body to strengthen the immune system, detoxify cells, enhance nutrient absorption and support the production of collagen. An effective silica supplement must contain not only inorganic Diatomaceous Earth but also organic silica known as Orthosilicic Acid.

Diatomaceous Earth contains biogenous silica which is not absorbable by the body. It passes through the digestive tract, cleaning and regulating the tract for optimal health. An ineffective, sluggish digestive system is detrimental to a person’s overall health and will lessen the absorption of vital nutrients and minerals. Diatomaceous Earth flour is sold around the world and is used, in most cases, to treat internal parasites. Though it is very effective when used for this purpose, it cannot be used as an effective supplementation for increasing the amount of available silica in the body.

The only form of bio-available silica is organic silica known as Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid. Organic silica is produced by autotrophic plants and microorganisms breaking down the mineral silicon. Hydrocarbon compounds are added to the silicon through this process which allows it to then be used by the human body. Being easily absorbed by the body itself, organic silica improves the level at which other nutrients are absorbed by the body. Its micro size allows it to penetrate and detoxify the body at the cellular level, strengthening and purifying each system.

Only Silalive Silica Supplements offers a unique combination of both types of silica, Enhanced Diatomaceous Earth and Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid. This supplement offered in a tasteless, odorless powder provides the silica a body needs to promote optimal restoration and health. Silalive Silica Supplement Powder is completely dehydrated making it readily absorbed by water, juice or any other liquid for quick assimilation in the body.

Other supplement producers offer powders, creams and lotions, drops and pills but no other supplements offers both types of silica as found in Silalive Silica Supplements. Silica laden creams and lotions are coming into vogue due to silica’s positive effects on collagen production. These topical products may produce temporary results but long-lasting effects will take regular supplementation through an internal source such as Silalive Silica Powder Supplement.

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